Student Groups

The Ted Rogers Students’ Society is the umbrella organization for over 30 Student Groups at the Ted Rogers School of Management. Click on the Student Groups below to find out more information!

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Course Unions

  • Ryerson University Finance Society (RUFS)
    Ryerson University Finance Society (RUFS)

    Founded in 2003, Ryerson University Finance Society (RUFS) is the premier campus resource for finance students. Within RUFS, we believe that in order to reach your potential you must know how to be a business leader. This life lesson is not just taught in a classroom, which is why RUFS challenges students to participate in our initiatives. Our outstanding members organize events that create opportunities for like-minded students to exchange ideas and information with industry professionals. As student leaders, we pride ourselves on guiding our peers to achieve their true potential. We seek to spread our drive and determination throughout the Ted Rogers School of Management. In RUFS, we guide the future finance leaders of tomorrow.

  • Ryerson University Accounting Society (RUAS)
    Ryerson University Accounting Society (RUAS)

    The Ryerson University Accounting Society (RUAS) is a team of student leaders, who believe that learning is not confined to the classroom. Our purpose is to serve the interests of the Accounting and Finance students at Ryerson. We are committed to providing students with opportunities to develop their professional skills; furthering their understanding of the accounting profession; and bridging the gap between classroom and industry.

  • Retail Students’ Association (RSA)
    Retail Students’ Association (RSA)

    The RSA is a student association and the official course union representing the Ted Rogers School of Retail Management to Ryerson University. Since the organization’s inception in 1998, the RSA has connected students to serve their needs and stimulate their growth.

  • Ryerson Global Management Group (RGMG)
    Ryerson Global Management Group (RGMG)

    RGMG focuses on encouraging the interests of Global Management students throughout Ted Rogers School of Management and Ryerson University as a whole by holding academic, social and professional events. In doing so, RGMG builds on theoretical concepts learned within the class room, connects students with industry experts holding valuable insights and uncovers the various employment opportunities that exist when they choose to embark on a global line of work. RGMG enriches the Global Management major and minor by providing students with real world experiences and ultimately laying the groundwork for their international careers.

  • Real Estate Ryerson (RER)
    Real Estate Ryerson (RER)

    Real Estate Ryerson is the official course union for the Real Estate Management major offered at TRSM; one of three undergraduate real estate programs in Canada. We strive to connect industry professionals and external organizations with the top real estate talent at Ryerson University.

  • Ryerson Marketing Association (RMA)
    Ryerson Marketing Association (RMA)

    The Ryerson Marketing Association (RMA) is a student-run organization dedicated to serving the interests of marketing majors and minors at Ryerson University. The RMA was established in 2006 and now supports the largest undergraduate major in the Business Management program. We host a wide variety of events each year with the purpose of exposing students to all areas of the industry, providing sufficient avenues for networking and recruitment, and aiding in the development in useful transferable skills.

  • Law and Business Student Association (LBSA)
    Law and Business Student Association (LBSA)

    The LBSA is the course union for the law and business program. Our goal is to unite all students with an interest in law while promoting the law and business major, and to connect students to professionals within their chosen career path, both legal and non-legal focused.

  • Information Technology Management Students’ Association (ITMSA)
    Information Technology Management Students’ Association (ITMSA)

    The ITMSA is the course union for the largest Business Technology Management (BTM) student population in the country. Our team continually strives to serve the BTM student body by hosting academic, professional, and social events that not only help shape our students to become industry-ready but also well-rounded professionals. These events include but are not limited to case competitions, networking nights, information sessions, the Ryerson Games and the Connect IT Conference

  • Ryerson Hospitality and Tourism Students' Society (RHTSS)
    Ryerson Hospitality and Tourism Students' Society (RHTSS)
  • Ryerson Entrepreneurship Association (REA)
    Ryerson Entrepreneurship Association (REA)
    Dedicated to serving the interests of Entrepreneurship majors and minors at the Ted Rogers School of Management. The REA aims to broaden the understanding of entrepreneurship within the Ryerson student body. Whether we are helping students start their own business or giving students a way to differentiate themselves in the corporate world, the REA promotes all facets of entrepreneurship. Events include appearances from successful entrepreneurs, corporate entrepreneurs, and social entrepreneurs who all use their entrepreneurial mindset differently.
  • Human Resource Student’s Association (HRSA)
    Human Resource Student’s Association (HRSA)

    The Human Resources Student Association (HRSA) is a student run organization representing 900+ HR majors at the Ted Rogers School of Management. The HRSA strives to put on events and initiatives geared to not only enhance the academic experience of students, but also to support their career development and bridge the gap between the classroom and industry.

  • Economics and Management Science Course Union (EMSCU)
    Economics and Management Science Course Union (EMSCU)

    EMSCU’s goals are to ensure all EMS students receive full support from both the Career Center and the Economics Department with respect to career opportunities and course selection. To host events that will expose EMS students to industry professionals that will provide them with future career opportunities and to provide several events and workshops that will cater to the various academic, social and professional needs of the EMS student body.

Interest Groups

  • Ryerson Sports and Business Association (RSBA)
    Ryerson Sports and Business Association (RSBA)

    The Ryerson Sports and Business Association (RSBA) is a student group that aims to help students with a passion for sports bridge the gap to the sports industry. The RSBA hosts events featuring sports industry professionals that allow students to connect and build their network and also to gain more insight about the business of sports.

  • Ryerson Consulting Association (RCA)
    Ryerson Consulting Association (RCA)

    Based in the Ted Rogers School of Management, The Ryerson Consulting Association (RCA) is a student-run, non-profit group under the Ryerson Commerce Society. The RCA aims to raise awareness about the field of consulting, bridge the gap between students and industry professionals, and connect students to alumni. Each year, our team hosts key events that help students work on skills needed for consulting, and also connects our members to network with corporate partners.

  • Ryerson Commerce and Government Association (RCGA)
    Ryerson Commerce and Government Association (RCGA)

    The Ryerson Commerce & Government Association (RCGA) is a non-partisan student organization that seeks to provide students with the tools to understand various local, national, and international government implications and regulations in commerce.

  • Women in Information Technology Management (WITM)
    Women in Information Technology Management (WITM)

    WITM is a student-run organization in the Business Technology Management (BTM) program at Ryerson University. We seek to foster a platform where female leaders can lead by example by sharing their visions, wisdom, and experiences in STEM fields.

    Through organizing events such as networking nights, speaker panels, case competitions, and workshops, we strive to encourage all genders in IT to participate in the development of a more diverse and inclusive community, to equip women in IT with the necessary tools to break barriers in corporate cultures, and to empower women in IT to rise to greater prominence.


    TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading We aim to connect the campus and bring all the creative minds of the Ryerson community together and spread their ideas to the world.

    Enactus Ryerson

    Entrepreneurship In Action – Enactus Ryerson provides co-curricular opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience and generate personal and professional success. We transform others’ lives as well as our own through the positive power of business and entrepreneurship in a diverse portfolio of projects and events.

    Ryerson Toastmasters

    Ryerson Toastmasters is a student-run official Toastmasters club available to students across campus; we mix the University experience with the Toastmasters program. The mission is to provide a supportive environment where students can hone their communication and leadership skills and gain confidence by stepping out of their comfort zone.

  • Ryerson Sales Initiative (RSI)
    Ryerson Sales Initiative (RSI)
  • Ryerson Financial Planning Association (RFPA)
    Ryerson Financial Planning Association (RFPA)

    The Vision of this organization is to provide the resources necessary to transform TRSM students into personal finance specialists ready to enter the field, no matter their experience level when they start their journey. RFPA events’ main focus is to connect students with an applicable network that cannot be obtained in the classroom.

    DECA Ryerson

    At DECA Ryerson, we aim to help students develop confidence and demonstrate leadership in the business community. Our mission is to transform our talented students into champion professionals by providing them with resources to develop essential business skills; create pathways to their chosen careers with networking opportunities; and provide them with a platform to harness their potential and triumph among the many.


    We are an international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. As the world’s largest student-run non-profit organization, we develop students on a global scale into responsible and entrepreneurial leaders.

    Ryerson Investment Group (RIG)

    Ryerson Investment Group (RIG) is a student run organization at Ryerson University that teaches students about the financial markets, value investing and careers in the finance industry. The team consists of over 30 students who manage a $1,000,000 virtual portfolio and focus on outperforming the market while managing risk. Weekly meetings allow the team to discuss financial news, market trends and present investment ideas. The RIG also offers members exclusive networking events, seminars with industry professionals, renowned financial modeling and valuation courses.

    Ryerson SOS

    At Ryerson Students Offering Support, we help students achieve better grades, which raises money to help fund educational developments in Latin America, helping children there acquire access to quality education.

  • Ryerson University CO-OP Students Association (RUCSA)
    Ryerson University CO-OP Students Association (RUCSA)

    Ryerson University Co-op Student Association (RUCSA) enhances student growth and creates opportunities for both co-op students and employers by expanding their network. Our mission is to:

    • Facilitate the professional and personal development of our students
    • Establish and strengthen relations with industry professionals
    • Develop a community to connect co-op students across Ryerson
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Student Association (CSRSA)
    Corporate Social Responsibility Student Association (CSRSA)

    The Corporate Social Responsibility Student Association (CSRSA) is a student group dedicated to connecting students with industry and academia, in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), to educate and promote socially responsible business leadership.

  • Ted Rogers Pride Alliance (TRPA)
    Ted Rogers Pride Alliance (TRPA)
    Ted Rogers Pride Alliance (TRPA) is a student-run organization dedicated to building community and fostering professional development for LGBTQ+ identifying people at the Ted Rogers School of Management. 

Internal TRSS Groups

These student groups have been started by the Ted Rogers Students' Society to fill a specific need within the Ted Rogers School of Management.

  • Ted Rogers Management Conference (TRMC)
    Ted Rogers Management Conference (TRMC)

    The Ted Rogers Management Conference is a annual student-led undergraduate business conference which commemorates the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of the late Canadian visionary, Ted Rogers.

  • Ted Rogers Outreach Program (TROP)
    Ted Rogers Outreach Program (TROP)

    Founded in 2014, the Ted Rogers Outreach Program (TROP) is an incredible experience for high school students. TROP is a student service that enhances students knowledge about university, using presentations and tours of the Ted Rogers School of Management. These presentations and tours give students the opportunity to meet some of the brightest students at the Ted Rogers School of Management.

External Groups

These student groups are not affiliated with the Ted Rogers Students' Society, however, they offer events that greatly enrich student lives at the Ted Rogers School of Management. These groups are under the Ryerson Students' Union.

  • Ryerson Women In Leadership Conference (RWIL)
    Ryerson Women In Leadership Conference (RWIL)

    Ryerson Women In Leadership Conference (RWIL) is a non-profit student organization that focuses on mentoring young, female professionals and bridging the gap between the industry, alumni, and the student community. Ryerson Women in Leadership or RWIL, aims to connect students with industry professionals. To achieve this goal, RWIL hosts an annual conference in which we bring influential professionals to top Ryerson talent, in a day filled with inspiring speeches and networking sessions. RWIL is continuing to expand it’s reach within the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) and Ryerson University. The addition of general membership, and the growing number of events each year has increased the reach to the TRSM student body.

  • Ryerson Entertainment Conference (REC)
    Ryerson Entertainment Conference (REC)

    REC is an on-campus resource that inspires, educates and motivates students to create a future for themselves in the entertainment, communications and media industries. REC hopes to show students the potential for success that comes along with pursuing their passion. We do this through facilitating events that connects students to industry leaders, teaching them new skills and perspectives on business, and promoting innovation.