The Ted Rogers Students’ Society aims to support all full-time business students and student group initiatives. Read the important information below to find out what the society can do for you!

Refer to the Ted Rogers Students’ Society Funding Flow Chart for more details about the funding process. Before you begin the process, know that the society categorizes requests in 2 brackets:

  • Amounts under $10,000
  • Amounts over $10,000

Is your request under $10,000?

If your funding request is under $10,000, you will be presenting to the Student Group Funding Committee (SGFC). Click here to read more about the SGFC.

Is your request over $10,000?

If your funding request is over $10,000, you will be presenting to the Board of Directors. If you are not a Ted Rogers Students’ Society approved Student Group, please fill out the online form below. If you are unsure as to if your group is an approved Student Group, please refer to an updated list here. Please note that External Groups are not included as an approved Student Group.

For Student Groups

  • Each Student Group will have access to the Ted Rogers Students’ Society intranet – My.TRSSociety Portal
  • All funding requests will be processed through the intranet. Be sure to update all documentation, and contact our VP Finance should you have any questions
  • The Ted Rogers Students’ Society Student Group Funding Committee is comprised of both Society members and Student Group members

For Non Student Groups

  • Please fill out the online form below, and a member of our team will be in touch with your shortly

If you have already had a funding request approved and need to be reimbursed, click here to download a copy of the society’s cheque requisition form.