The Team

The Ted Rogers Students’ Society is organized by a Board of Directors made up of 15 voting members: 9 Directors and 6 Executives. Together with the combined efforts of committee members and support of affiliated faculty and staff, the society is able to bring great new initiatives to TRSM year after year.

The Executives

The Executives are responsible for the day to day operations of the Society. From ensuring transparent and ethical financing, sourcing and creating new sponsorships and partnerships, to giving back to the students by hosting events and services throughout the year, the Executive and their teams make it happen.

The Directors

The Directors represent the five schools at TRSM. These being the Schools of Business Management, Business Technology Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Retail Management and Accounting & Finance. Together, they are the voice of over 9,500 students and make informed decisions on behalf of them. The Directors also spearhead a number of internal committees like the Student Group Funding Committee, Week of Welcome and the Conferences and Competitions Committee in order to provide the students with greater access to the society and its services.

The Committees

The Committees work to maintain strong communication and information interchange between the Ted Rogers Students’ Society, alumni and external professional organizations and corporations. They are also responsible for the pursuit of both monetary and non-monetary sponsorship for the society.

Our Staff

The staff members of the Student Engagement and Business Development department are committed to enhancing the experience of all students within TRSM. They aid the Ted Rogers Students’ Society, its affiliated student groups as well as the general membership as a whole by assisting with a wide variety of different programs.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members are returning board members from the Ted Rogers Students’ Society that aid with decision making and provide advise to current board members.