About Us

The Ted Rogers Students’ Society is a
student-elected society representing over 9,500 full-time undergraduate students attending the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University.

The society is organized by a Board of Directors, consisting of 9 Directors and 6 Executives. Each Executive portfolio maintains a committee to assist with daily responsibilities. The Directors represent the five schools at the Ted Rogers School of Management:



The Ted Rogers Students’ Society has a mission to link students together within the five schools at the Ted Rogers School of Management, enabling them to be heard as one united voice. The society also strives to ensure the development of a community spirit within the business student body, to provide opportunities that will enrich every commerce student’s undergraduate experience.


The Ted Rogers Students’ Society shall be the voice of the Ryerson Commerce students by promoting our abilities and interests, both within Ryerson and the global community. They will work to improve communications among business students, the University administration, and other Ryerson students from faculties across the University.


The Ted Rogers Students’ Society welcomes suggestions on how to improve student life at the Ted Rogers School of Management. Feel free to send us any ideas or changes we should implement at our school below.