Sheldon Levy Bursary Program

Ted Rogers Students’ Society Leadership Bursaries

The Ted Rogers Students’ Society is proud to offer financial bursaries to its members that will help enhance their lives and alleviate some of the financial burden that they are experiencing as students. 30 bursaries, each valued at $500 will be available*. These bursaries are available to all full-time students at TRSM**.

*30 bursaries will be available, however depending on the quality of applications, they may not all be distributed.

**Current Ted Rogers Students’ Society members (Executives, Directors, and Committee members) may not apply.

The criteria will include a leadership component to align with the Ted Rogers Students’ Society’s mantra of “Leaders of Tomorrow”. Leadership experience of any kind (e.g. professional, academic and student life related) will be taken into consideration. Students with more of a financial burden will be preferred, all else equal.

The criteria for these bursaries will be the following:

  1. Any current Ted Rogers Students’ Society general member is eligible to apply for these bursaries. This membership will be verified by checking the applicant’s fee payments as per their RAMMS account and verification will be made by University staff members.
    Note: Any full-time student at the Ted Rogers School of Management is considered a “Ted Rogers Students’ Society” general member.
  2. Applications must be received before the closing date indicated below.
  3. Applications form available below must be filled as required.
  4. Applicants must be in clear academic standing.
  5. Applicants must display leadership experience, qualities and impact through involvement in the Ted Rogers Students’ Society, TRSM and/or the Ryerson community.

If you have any questions regarding this application please do not hesitate to contact our Vice President of Finance; our Manager, Student Engagement and Business Development, or Coordinator, Student Engagement and Business Development.

How do I Apply?

Applications open mid-January every year and are submitted online via the form below.

Applications are currently closed. Thank you for your interest.