Conferences & Competitions

As the only Commerce Society in Canada that fully funds up to 100% of Conferences & Competitions for its students, the Ted Rogers Students’ Society prides itself on the calibre and opportunities that it provides the general membership.

Students will be chosen for conferences based on application and interview. All candidates must attend a mandatory training session hosted by the Conferences and Competitions Coordinator.

Students will be allowed to attend only after they have completed the required training sessions and application process.

Additionally, the Ted Rogers Students’ Society, in collaboration with the student groups under its umbrella, will be setting up training sessions for individuals who are interested in representing the Ted Rogers School Management in case competitions.

Students will be chosen for these training sessions based on their year, courses completed and performance in these courses and previous competition experience.

Students will be allowed to compete only after they have completed the required training sessions, listed below.

Conference 101 Sessions are back!

You must attend one of these sessions to have a chance to be fully funded to go to select conferences across Canada. All sessions will be held in TRS 3-129

September 20th – 3pm-4pm
September 21st – 11am – 12pm
September 22nd – 1pm – 2pm, 3pm-4pm
September 23rd – 11am – 12pm , 2pm – 3pm

Some conference dates are subject to change.

Please note: The deadline to apply for certain conferences or competitions can be found on the Conference List page.