Breakthrough Program

The Breakthrough Program is designed to transition new Ted Rogers School of Management students into the Ryerson community and give them the skills and inspiration to succeed in future leadership roles. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for personal, professional and academic growth, while developing a strong foundation that will benefit members throughout their time at Ryerson.

Members of the Breakthrough Program can expect to receive an introduction to case analysis, business etiquette and personal branding along with a variety of other workshops. They will also be given an upper year student as a mentor, who will provide them with insight and direction on the opportunities available at the university.

All questions and concerns can be directed to the Breakthrough Program Manager at


  1. Mentors Training + Social
  2. Mentees Social
  3. Opening Ceremonies: Meet your Mentor, Ice Breakers
  4. Case Cutting 101
  5. Breakthrough’s Night of Leadership x Hacks of Success
  6. Breakthrough’s Holiday Social + Exam Destressor
  7. Etiquette Dinner and Dress for Success
  8. Midterm Destressors (1st and 2nd Semester!)
  9. TROP-Breakthrough’s Major Mixer: TBD
  10. Breakthrough’s Keys to Success for Business Students Workshop (formerly known as Personal Branding Workshop)
  11. Closing Ceremonies

Mentee Applications

Applications are now open for the Breakthrough Program and will close on September 18th 11:59PM!

Click here for the Mentee Job Description.

Apply using the Mentees Application here.


Was there a skill that the Breakthrough Program helped you improve on? What was it? How?


The Breakthrough Program has helped me improve my networking skills as I made new friends with students in first years along with upper years. There was also an event that taught us how to network properly.  Our mentors encouraged us to attend the events and get involved within the school by informing us of various opportunities which encourages myself to attend more events and I have gotten used to it. – Karen Do

As a mentee, what kept you motivated to consistently attend Breakthrough events throughout the year?


The events that were held were very interesting and useful for us, so it was an easy decision to keep going as I learned a great deal from each and every event! – Gabriella Bunag

What is your most memorable moment from the Breakthrough Program?


My most memorable moment from the Breakthrough Program was the closing ceremonies. By the end of my first year, I was able to notice a difference in my presentation, collaboration, and personal management skills. I was comfortable with presenting in front of a large audience consisting of over 30 people which is something I never thought I could have done when I first started at TRSM. I was also able to critically cut a case, add creativity and collaborate with a team of five. – Emily Nandan

If you could only list one reason why first years should join the Breakthrough Program, what would it be?  Why?


First years have the opportunity to make connections with upper years and hear their advice, as well as meet and create friendships with other first years. – Kyra Gornicz