Collaborative Corporate Partners Program

Yours to Explore!” These are the first words in our Collaborative Corporate Partners Program information package, and that is really what the CCPP is all about; the ability to explore unique opportunities.

The Collaborative Corporate Partners Program (CCPP) was formed by the Ted Rogers Students’ Society (TRSS) to enhance the efficiency and coordination of Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) student groups in relation to Corporate and External Relations. This portfolio presents 30+ student groups to a corporate audience as well as details many great events that are put forth by these groups. These are value-added events organized, planned, and executed by one of the most ambitious and diverse student bodies in Canada. The TRSS is proud to be leading an initiative that will connect today’s business professionals with tomorrow’s business leaders.

For Students:

The CCPP presents the opportunity for TRSM students to engage with large and reputable companies from Toronto. CCPP partners developed and maintained with a long-term orientation. CCPP partners are represented, involved, and active in many events run by different student groups, allowing all students, with varying interests, to work with and learn from them. The TRSS continues to develop such partners in order to enhance the student experience at TRSM via exposure to these reputable organizations.

For Student Groups:

Considered a resource to student groups, the CCPP streamlines the partnership process by acting as a liaison between large corporate partners and each student group. Eliminating redundant connections to partners, the TRSS efficiently simplifies the multi-group relationship and facilitates the processes and discussion. Depending on the preference of the partner, student groups have the opportunity to pitch either to the partner or the TRSS (in representation of the partner) in order to receive funding from the agreed upon partnership. Ultimately, the resources provided by the partner are utilized to enhance the events and initiatives that student groups intend to offer to the student body.

For Partners:

For greater involvement, the CCPP is the overarching partnership catered to organizations wishing to collaborate and partner with TRSM student groups. Oftentimes organizations are contacted by multiple student groups and/or representatives from Ryerson University; this may prove to be inefficient and tedious to manage. Through the CCPP, the TRSS facilitates a partnership between largely involved organizations with the rest of the student body. Partners are able to work with the TRSS to select which student groups and events they wish to support. The benefits of partnering with the TRSS, include; marketing exposure to nearly 9,000 full-time & part-time students, recruitment opportunities from a multitude of business majors, the potential to gather market research on Canada’s future business leaders, collaborative opportunities with over 27 different Course Unions and Interest Student Groups, access to Canada’s largest English speaking business school student population, and with over 146 countries represented at Ryerson, you will have contact to one of the most culturally diverse university campuses in Canada.

The CCPP package above is currently being updated. Please email if you have any questions.