Marketing Committee | Photographer

2 positions

Job Purpose:

The Photographer’s role is to attend events put on by the TRSS or other Student Groups when a photographer is required. They will be responsible for taking pictures at the event, editing those pictures, and then sending them to the VP of Marketing within a certain timeframe. These pictures will end up on the TRSS or Student Group’s Social Media pages and/or their website.


  • Attend TRSS and Student Group events throughout the year if a photographer is needed
  • Send VP of Marketing the edited pictures taken at events in a timely manner
  • Attend meetings with the VP of Marketing and/or Student Groups as needed


  • Must have knowledge and experience with photography
  • Time commitment will vary depending on events and special projects happening at certain times of the year
  • Ability to edit photos taken
  • Ability to determine what camera equipment is necessary and obtain and set-up equipment accordingly