General Executive Associate

1-2 positions 

Job Purpose:

The General Associate is a rotational position that will move across all the executive portfolios throughout the year. This position will require an individual who is interested in challenging themselves, developing a range of skills in a short amount of time and taking on a variety of positions.

Example Rotation Structure:
May-July – Corporate Relations
August-September – Marketing
October-December – Finance
January-February – Events
March-April – EVP


  • Fulfill the roles given by assigned committee’s executive
  • Provide additional support to committees
  • Structure will be determined by the skill development opportunities/interests of successful applicant
  • Reports and updates to be held with President & EVP

Minimum Time Commitment: 4-6 hours per week


  • Interested in learning about a variety of roles within the TRSS organization
  • Strong communication skills (both written and oral), being able to pay attention to detail
  • Must be organized, reliable, be able to work under tight deadlines and able to work independently
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings as needed
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive
  • Versatility – ability to take on any team role
  • Creativity