Executive Vice President Committee | Project Manager

EVP Committee | Project Manager

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Job Purpose:

The Project Manager is responsible for assisting in recording; tracking and monitoring all TRSS related Executive and Director projects alongside the Executive Vice President. This position will also track the KPI’s, and incentives programs throughout the organization. All transitioning documents, facilitation and performance throughout the Board will be archived by the Project Manager. New this year, this Project Manager will be working directly with the internal TRSS Cares committee, and will be executing their CSR initiative ideas throughout the year. This position will help the individual develop strong project management, organizational efficiency and time management skills.


  • Proactively tracking meetings
  • Archiving and distributing KPI’s, Critical Paths and training/transitioning documents
  • Responsible for maintaining a critical path calendar for assigned projects
  • Strong interest in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Assist the Executive Vice President with other organizational functions of the TRSS
  • May also be asked to perform additional duties and special projects, at the request of the Executive Vice President

Minimum Time Commitment: 6 hours per week


  • Able to manage multiple projects at once
  • Strong communication skills (both written and oral), being able to pay attention to detail
  • Must be organized, reliable, be able to work under tight deadlines and able to work independently
  • Attend weekly or bi-weekly meetings as needed
  • Prior work on social initiative projects is an asset
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive