Executive Vice President

Laura is an incoming 4th year Retail Management student, double minoring in Marketing and Communications. She was a member of Street Team, Breakthrough and the Ryerson Dance Pak in first year, and then become the Street Team Operations Manager, Breakthrough Mentor and was the Assistant Captain of the Ryerson Dance Pak in her second year. As a 3rd year student she moved into the role of Captain on Ryerson Dance Pak, as well as the role of Retail Management Director on the Board of Directors of TRSS. Transitioning into her 4th year, she is excited to have the opportunity to work as the Executive Vice President for TRSS and looks forward to working with her committee on internal operations, as well as projects that will benefit the students of the general membership.

Along with her extensive involvement with the society, she has also had the opportunity to travel to conferences while representing Ryerson, TRSM and TRSS. When she is not working on school or with her student groups she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as watching a few Netflix series’.

The following positions are available under the EVP Committee: