Events Committee | Events Manager

4-5 positions

Job Purpose:

The Events Committee shall plan, develop, and implement all events for the TRSS and will assist in organizing any ad-hoc events projects as directed by the Board of Directors. All projects managed by the Events Committee will align with the 3 TRSS pillars of “academic, professional, and social.” All Event Managers will be responsible for the execution of any TRSS related events.


  • Able to plan, execute, and work on multiple events simultaneously
  • Plan logistics and organize all TRSS related events
  • Site surveying
  • Set up/tear down
  • Negotiate powerfully with vendors to achieve maximum value for the best product and services for TRSS
  • Manage event budget and ensure accuracy in developing estimates, working and actual spends
  • Record and track success measures, and evaluate all events against objectives; recommend areas for improvement
  • Assists in ordering product, merchandise, and fulfillment
  • Assists in contract negotiation with venues and vendors
  • Assist in creating operation manuals
  • Mandatory attendance of all Events Committee organized events
  • Assist with facilitation of any Student Group related events
  • Room booking & other admin tasks

Minimum Time Commitment: 5 hours per week


  • Have the ability to multi-task
  • Are organized, reliable, and able to work independently and in a team
  • Can think and react quickly
  • Have the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines with minimal supervision
  • Commitment, being free during the months of May – September is crucial
  • Creative, good with DIYs, and other crafts
  • Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Presentation skills