Director, Business Technology Management

1 position

Job Purpose:

Ted Rogers School of Management Directors shall act as members of the Board of Directors on the Ryerson Commerce Society and are not advocates of any one specific constituency/program. All decisions of the Board are made in the best interests of the Ryerson Commerce Society and subsequently, the general membership of the Ted Rogers School of Management. As Directors, they are responsible for making major administrative policies, strategic planning and financial decisions that have both immediate and long-term effects on the organization. Directors attend all Board of Directors bi-weekly meetings; assist with the RCS’ strategic path; make decisions on funding for students/ student groups; assist with succession and transition planning; hold office hours and direct the Executives on the path that best fits the mission and vision of the RCS. Directors may sit on all committees that are open to the RCS membership.


  • To represent TRSM students at Board of Directors meetings as a voting member.
  • To publicize RCS resources and opportunities to TRSM students.
  • Attend bi-weekly Board of Directors meetings.
  • Hold weekly office hours.
  • Determine funding for student groups and individuals’ events and initiatives.
  • Communicate and collaborate with RCS members and staff/faculty.
  • Monitor work of RCS Committees and Executives.
  • Assist with succession and transition planning.
  • Attend internal and external events, conferences and competitions, acting as RCS/TRSM Student Representatives.
  • Become apart of any of the RCS Committees: Budget Committee, Governance Committee, Marketing Committee, RCS Cares,
  • Street Team, Student Group Awards Committee, Events Committee, Corporate Relations Committee, Office Allocations Committee.
  • Plan, market and execute RCS events/seminars/summits with RCS Committees.


  • Previous TRSM extra curricular involvement (preferred)
  • Exceptional time management skills
  • Highly developed interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Emotional intelligence