Corporate Relations Committee | Student Development Ambassador

1 position

Job Purpose:

The Student Development Ambassador (SDA) of the Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) will have two phases in their position. Throughout the summer, the SDA will work with Student Group VP Corporates to assist in developing an effective plan for the year. After this is completed, the SDA will be there to provide support for student groups. From September onward, this position will focus on creating partnerships through discounts and promotions with local stores and services.


  • Creating and maintaining relationships with all internal Student Group Vice President of Corporate Relations
  • Assist in completing partnership reports once a month (or as needed) with Vice President of Corporate Relations
  • Attend weekly/bi-weekly Corporate Relations Committee meetings
  • Assist VP Corporate Relations to determine funding for student groups and individuals; events and initiatives
  • Answering student group e-mails weekly in regards to sponsorship
  • Will serve as an intermediary between student groups and committee reporting on CCPP and documentation
  • Creating files for each student group, outlining events and date
  • Special focus on frosh partnerships
  • Create discounts and special TRSM promotions to benefit students

Minimum Time Commitment:  6 hours per week


  • Excellent time management skills and ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to work independently to execute assignments given on behalf of the TRSS
  • Excellent leadership qualities and interpersonal skills
  • An understanding of TRSM student groups as well as Ryerson as a whole
  • Great management, networking, and negotiation skills

* Previous experience as a VP Corporate in a Student Group is recommended.
* Cannot be a VP Corporate in a Student Group during the 2017-2018 year.