Vice President, Corporate Relations

Stanley is an incoming fourth-year Business Management student with a major in Marketing. His love and passion for sales has developed throughout his undergrad in various Corporate Relations roles in a variety of student groups including TRSS as an Account Manager this past year. His aim is to keep the lights on in the Ted Rogers School of Management for all the students regardless of the budget cuts on the rise. His goal is to continue to provide and bring amazing networking opportunities, partnerships, events, and monetary support to TRSM. Stanley is excited and ready to take on the challenge that is to come the following year and leave a mark before he graduates from TRSM to pursue a career in the world of business-to-business technology sales.

In the words of the late Ted Rogers, “The Best Is Yet To Come,” and Stanley has no doubt that these words will hold true for all the students within TRSM.

The following positions are available under the Corporate Relations Committee: