The committees will be led by the following Board Members for the 2019 – 2020 term:


Ejay is a dedicated student leader who is entering his fourth year of Marketing Management. As incoming President for the 2019-2020 academic year, he hopes to bring more attention to the successes and opportunities at the Ted Rogers School of Management that foster the unique learning experience offered to our membership. Valuing mentorship and open communication as the vehicles that empower students, he strives to create a comfortable environment that welcomes the involvement and development of all in the student life ecosystem. With creativity, innovation, and empathy, Ejay is determined to build the relationship between students and TRSS, support student groups, and ensure that all TRSS services are accessible to its members. By the end of his term, he hopes to inspire more TRS students to be agents of change and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Executive Vice President

Alyssa is an incoming third-year Business Management student pursuing a major in Marketing Management and a double minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Professional Communication. She enjoys being a part of the student community and has been involved in several student groups, including the Ted Rogers Management Conference, Ryerson Entrepreneurship Association, and the Ted Rogers Students’ Society. As the incoming EVP, Alyssa hopes to quickly adapt to the rising changes in a creative manner. She also plans to collaborate with her peers in amplifying the student experience with integrity and open communication.

Vice President, Marketing

Hugo is a Ted Rogers School of Management student majoring in Retail Management and minoring in Marketing Management. He possesses a strong interest for a career in retail buying and marketing. With past involvement in the Ted Rogers Students’ Society as the Apparel/Graphics Manager and Retail Management Director, Hugo hopes to share his marketing experience and expertise with the TRSM student body.

Vice President, Events

Jennifer is an incoming fourth-year Business Management student pursuing a major in Marketing and double minoring in Communications and Global Management. Jennifer started her journey within the Ted Rogers Students’ Society in her first year as a Street Team Member. She then furthered her student group experiences outside of TRSS by becoming a Public Relations Associate for the Ryerson Entertainment Conference, an Events Director for Enactus Ryerson, and the Vice President of Marketing for the Ted Rogers Outreach Program. In her 3rd year, she served as the Communications Manager on the TRSS Events Committee and now in her final year, she’s honoured to have been voted in as the new Vice President of Events. Jennifer is excited to take on the role and is looking forward to creating new experiences next year for the students of TRSM.

Vice President, Corporate Relations

Stanley is an incoming fourth-year Business Management student with a major in Marketing. His love and passion for sales has developed throughout his undergrad in various Corporate Relations roles in a variety of student groups including TRSS as an Account Manager this past year. His aim is to keep the lights on in the Ted Rogers School of Management for all the students regardless of the budget cuts on the rise. His goal is to continue to provide and bring amazing networking opportunities, partnerships, events, and monetary support to TRSM. Stanley is excited and ready to take on the challenge that is to come the following year and leave a mark before he graduates from TRSM to pursue a career in the world of business-to-business technology sales.

Vice President, Finance

Simran is entering her 4th year of Business Management, majoring in Economics and minoring in Finance. In her 3rd year, she was a member of the Finance Committee, eventually presuming the role of Interim VP Finance for the remainder of the year. Simran is looking forward to working with all of the student groups to further the financial literacy for students, with her previous work experience as Interim VP Finance from the 2018-19 year as well as her plans for the upcoming 2019-2020 year.