The Ted Rogers Students’ Society Board of Directors is an elected, student run organization that exists to enrich the lives of all full-time undergraduate students at the Ted Rogers School of Management. Election campaigning takes place early-February; voting takes place mid-February; transitioning takes place March-May. All terms begin on May 1.


Election By-Laws and Poster Policy

All Candidates must attend at least one election information session and the mandatory All-Candidates session. Please see upcoming events for all scheduled sessions.

In the event that you are unable to attend the All-Candidates Session, a proxy may attend in your place. Candidates who do not attend or are not represented forfeit their eligibility to run in elections.


Executive members are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Ted Rogers Students’ Society. Executive members each manage portfolio committees, projects and initiatives over the summer, and during the school year. The approximate time commitment for an Executive position is 25-30 hours per week.


Directors are the advisory, senior level positions of the Ted Rogers Students’ Society. Directors are responsible for financial decision making as the acting student representatives for each respective school (Hospitality & Tourism Management, Retail Management, Business Technology Management, Business Management, Accounting & Finance). It is recommended that Directors come from past Student Group, Executive member experience. Directors should be in 3rd or 4th year at Ryerson. The approximate time commitment for a Director is 5-10 hours per week.


  • Any full-time, undergraduate business student may vote for an Executive.
  • In the event that an Executive position is contested, students must choose 1 candidate per Executive position.
  • Only students from the respective school, may vote for a Director. (eg. a student from the School of Hospitality, may only vote for a Hospitality Director,etc.)
  • In the event that an Executive or Director position is uncontested, a voter must vote either YES in support, or NO against the respective candidate.
  • Students must present a ONEcard to be elligible to vote


The Vice President of Finance Candidates are selected through an application and interview process and once selected, they are then able to participate in the election.


The application timeline is January 16th – January 26th. The interview date for Vice President of Finance candidates will be on January 29th with successful candidates attending the All Candidates Meeting on February 5th at 7pm.


There are 6 Executive positions available to vote for:

  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice President of Finance
  • Vice President of Corporate Relations
  • Vice President of Marketing
  • Vice President of Events

There are 9 Director positions available to vote for:

  • Director of Business Management (3 positions)
  • Director of Business Technology Management (2 positions)
  • Director of Retail Management (1 position)
  • Director of School of Accounting and Finance (1 position)
  • Director of Hospitality & Tourism Management (1 position)
  • Director at-large (1 position – from any school)

If you have any questions, or concerns, please email president@https://trssociety.ca.