The Directors

The Directors represent the five schools at TRSM. These being the Schools of Business Management, Business Technology Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Retail Management and Accounting & Finance. Together, they are the voice of over 9,500 students and make informed decisions on behalf of them. The Directors also spearhead a number of internal committees like the Student Group Funding Committee, Week of Welcome and the Conferences and Competitions Committee in order to provide the students with greater access to the TRSS and its services.

  • Amenah Rizwan
    Business Management Director
    4th Year | Entrepreneurship and Global Management Major
    Amenah Rizwan
    Business Management Director

    Amenah is entering her fourth year at Ted Rogers School of Management, double majoring in Entrepreneurship and Global Management Studies. She is a passionate and driven individual who views student involvement as a vital aspect for a prosperous university experience. As an accomplished student leader, she is looking forward to thriving in her role to create new opportunities and initiatives for the TRSM student body.

    During her down time you can often catch her fueling her love for high fashion as well as working on an upcoming entrepreneurial venture, feel free to stop her and chat about anything fashion, startup, or tech related.

    "It is what it is but it only becomes what you make of it."

  • Maria Lisa Lionti
    Business Management Director
    4th Year | BM - Marketing and Real Estate Major
    Maria Lisa Lionti
    Business Management Director

    Maria is a passionate and ambitious student who is entering her fourth year of Marketing Management. As a Business Management Director for the 2017-2018 year, she hopes to create more cohesion within the 7 majors and promote different student group initiatives and events. With creativity, innovation, and perseverance, Maria is determined to improve communication between students and TRSS, support student groups, and ensure that all TRSS services are accessible to all students of Ted Rogers. By the end of her term, she hopes to motivate more TRS students to be a part of their school community and make a difference.

    You live but once, might as well make it amusing. - Coco Chanel

  • Eric Potocean
    TRSM At-Large Director
    4th Year | BM - Marketing Major
    Eric Potocean
    TRSM At-Large Director

    Eric is a 4th year Business Management student majoring in Marketing while also pursuing an Entrepreneurship minor. Throughout his time at Ryerson, he was apart of numerous student groups starting of with the Breakthrough Program, for which he is still a mentor to this date. He was then a Marketing Associate for both the Ted Rogers Management Conference and the Ryerson Commerce Society. Last year, he held the position of TEDxRyersonU Marketing Lead and was one of the Business Management Directors on the Ted Rogers Student’s Society.

    Being heavily involved in the student-community, Eric was able to accelerate his personal and professional growth over the past few years. He is really excited to work on improving your undergraduate experience through different projects oriented at development, inclusion, and engagement. He is always open to feedback and suggestions from the membership!

    When not working on school related tasks, Eric enjoys keeping up with the latest Tech and Marketing related news, exploring the newest in electronic music, and finding great eats around the city!

  • Mimi Zhang
    Business Technology Management Director
    4th Year - Business Technology Management
    Mimi Zhang
    Business Technology Management Director

    Mimi is a 4th year BTM student who quit her 5 jobs and became very involved in the past year with student groups such as WITM, CITC, ITMSA, RUHacks, Deca, and RWIL and helped out with many other student groups because she was fascinated by how each and every one of them worked. She enjoys the work she does, as a result of being passionate about every aspect of her life.

    Coding, League of Legends and broadcasting "memes" are some of the hobbies that keep her busy.  

    Other than being a workaholic, you can find her at the gym or basically living at the Ted Rogers building.

  • Saljoq Khurshid
    Business Technology Management Director
    4th Year - Business Technology Management
    Saljoq Khurshid
    Business Technology Management Director

    Saljoq is entering 4th year in the Business Technology Management (co-op) program. He has been actively involved within the BTM community and has held multiple executive positions on Connect IT and Women in Information Technology Management. Saljoq hopes to represent the voice of all BTM students by leveraging his role as the BTM director as well as the director of BTM student relations through the BTM Forum Governance Council to provide job opportunities, mentorship and coaching, and facilitating the professional development of all BTM students. Saljoq is looking forward to his first year serving on the board of the Ted Rogers Student' Society and hope to bring positive change to the Ted Rogers School of Management.

  • Mathew Catangui
    Director of Retail Management
    4th Year | Retail Management
    Mathew Catangui
    Director of Retail Management

    Mathew is going into his 4th year of the Retail Management program, minoring in Law.  This is Mathew’s second year on the Ted Rogers Students’ Society(TRSS),  as Director of Retail Management, and he is looking forward to using his previous experience to get the ball rolling from the get go of his term.  

    Mathew strongly believes that getting involved in extracurricular is the best way to make the most of your time at University and helps you better prepare for post-graduation. Mathew is also currently a Board of Director for the Ryerson Student Union and is excited to work alongside his peers to help improve areas of opportunity at TRSM.  

    He looks forward to exploring new opportunities and making a difference this upcoming year alongside the rest of the TRSS team. Mathew hopes to help motivate students to get them more involved so they too can enrich their time here at TRSM.

    "Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it." --Rapunzel (Tangled)

  • Negin Shirandasht
    School of Accounting and Finance Director
    Negin Shirandasht
    School of Accounting and Finance Director

    Negin is a 4th year student in the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF). She is very excited to embark on this new journey as the first SAF director on the TRSS Board. As the president of the Ryerson University Finance Society (2016-2017), she has successfully implemented the first SAF case competition, first CFA mock exam, first Alumni mentorship program and has bridged the gap between SAF Advisory Council and students. This year, her main goal is to further strengthen the relationship between alumni and students.

    Negin is an avid traveller and hiking enthusiast. In her free time, you can catch her watching a soccer match ( David Villa <3) or listening to podcasts. Lastly, she loves to give back, so if you have any questions/concerns make sure to reach out to her!

    "Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love" Rumi

  • Marco Briganti
    Director of Hospitality and Tourism Management
    3rd Year | Hospitality and Tourism Management
    Marco Briganti
    Director of Hospitality and Tourism Management

    Marco is a third year Hospitality and Tourism Management student. He is a motivated and reliable individual who is always willing to learn new concepts - being at the Ted Rogers School of Management allows him to do so best. He is an individual who has oriented himself with the roles of leadership through previous positions that he has held. Marco looks to bring new ideas to the hospitality industry, creating a “home away from home” experience for all travellers. Currently, he holds a position within the hospitality industry, combining his studies with hands on experience. Marco strives to represent HTM, as well as TRSM, to the best of his ability and looks forward to an awesome year to come.

    "Its not how much we do, but how much love we put into that action" - Mother Teresa