The Executives

The Executives are responsible for the day to day operations of the Ted Rogers Students' Society From ensuring transparent and ethical financing, sourcing and creating new sponsorships and partnerships, to giving back to the students by hosting events and services throughout the year, the Executives and their teams make it happen.

  • Nav Marwah
    5th Year | BM - Marketing & Entrepreneurship
    Nav Marwah

    Nav is a business management student pursuing a double major in entrepreneurship and marketing. He is proud to have been re-elected for a second term as President of the Ted Rogers Students' Society. Throughout his time at the Ted Rogers School of Management, he has always been actively involved. His engagement can be seen through his involvement with BUS100 as a course facilitator, taking part in the executive team for the Ted Rogers Management Conference, and being 1 of 3 student elected representatives on the Ryerson Board of Governors. Nav is a proud advocate for student engagement and is always looking for ways to enhance the experience for students at Ryerson. He hopes to continue this through his second term as President.

  • Laura Gowling
    Executive Vice President
    4th Year | Retail Management
    Laura Gowling
    Executive Vice President

    Laura is a third year retail management student, minoring in Marketing. She was a member of Street Team, Breakthrough and the Ryerson Dance Pak in first year, and then become the Street Team operations manager, Breakthrough Mentor and Assitant Captain of the Ryerson Dance Pak in her second year. As she goes into 3rd year she is really excited to be involved with the board to represent the Retail management program.

    The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. - Walt Disney

  • Alex Mnich
    Vice President of Marketing
    4th Year | BM - Real Estate Major
    Alex Mnich
    Vice President of Marketing

    Alex Mnich is an incoming fourth year Business Management student pursuing a major in Real Estate Management with a minor in Marketing. He is very excited about taking on his new role for the upcoming school year and will work very hard to ensure every student can benefit from what the Ted Rogers Students’ Society has to offer. With a new rebrand of the TRSS, Alex hopes to continue the transition and bring in more services for TRSM students. Alex has previously worked with the TRSS as the Business Management Director and the Ted Rogers Management Conference as the VP of Public Relations. Outside of school, Alex works as an ambassador at the Air Canada Centre and many other locations.

    “The only place Success comes before Work is in the dictionary” – Vince Lombardi

  • Sabrina Santin-Andrade
    Vice President of Events
    4th Year | BM - Marketing and Law Major
    Sabrina Santin-Andrade
    Vice President of Events

    Sabrina is entering her 4th year of business management majoring in marketing and minoring in Law and Business. In her 3rd year she was a member of the Events committee for TRSS, and served in the role of Events Manager. In addition to that role, she was also the Administrative Assistant for the Student Engagement and Development Department at TRSM. Sabrina is determined to create an exciting year for the students of TRSM, through her experience as an Events Manager she knows that she will be able to use this to create several amazing events to engage the students of the 2017-18 year!

  • Ean Van Staalduinen
    Vice President of Corporate Relations
    4th Year | BM - Marketing Major
    Ean Van Staalduinen
    Vice President of Corporate Relations

    Ean's main focus as VP of Corporate Relations is to strengthen and grow the strategic development of partners with TRSM. Through this, Ean aims to provide many opportunities to enrich the students, through: networking, connections, partnerships, and job opportunities. With a passion for marketing and building relationships, Ean believes the sky is truly the limit for the possibilities we are able to reach with outside companies. Ean's values lie along: hard work, persistence, dedication, commitment, loyalty, knowing yourself, and a passion for bettering the student life for TRSM students. Ean is excited to bring this passion and hard work, along with his business experience and versatility to his role as VP of Corporate Relations for TRSS.

  • Jasdeep Dhaliwal
    VP Finance
    3rd Year | School of Accounting and Finance
    Jasdeep Dhaliwal
    VP Finance

    Jasdeep is entering his third year in the School of Accounting and Finance. He is a highly dedicated and passionate student leader willing to contribute to his university academically, professionally, and socially which also exemplify the three pillars of the Ted Rogers Students' Society. Some of his previous experience includes the administrative assistant for TRSS and a BUS100 class facilitator. As the Vice President Finance for the 2017-2018 school year, he looks to work with the rest of the executive team to provide opportunities that will impact the TRSM student body for the better. Elevate and enhance are just a few of the terms that he phrases his ambitions with as he wants to unify the students of TRSM and truly make this year a groundbreaking moment in the brief but prosperous history of the Ted Rogers Students' Society. In addition, he will look to ensure complete financial accountability and transparency in order to build a good rapport among the TRSS student group umbrella.